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Last week has been eventful, but with the start of this week we get to see a lot of new stuff.

Castles are a new addition to the game and allow for raids, and much much more. They only cost 200 as a special sale for a limited time, so don’t forget to stop by and grab one soon!

A few new areas have been released as well!

The Crystalline Caverns (made by my favorite new wizard!) is a favorite for aristo’s who want the amazing weapons guarded deep within the glittering grotto. For those who are adventurous, please do explore cautiously, wizards are not responsible for any severed heads or disemboweled entrails.

Additionally, for the nature lovers of the realms, rumors have surfaced of a powerful new spell, allowing them to transform into a mighty, fire breathing dragon -sure to put fear into any foe that you may encounter.

Nature’s form comes with fire breathing, and scaly skin so for those of you who easily get a sore throat or have skin problems, this is not for you.

Posted by on 08/04 at 07:07 AM

Wow.  This site still works.  Lol

Posted by Hoax  on  12/24  at  08:29 AM

Of course it does! >_<

Thank you again for it raspberry

Posted by  on  07/12  at  02:36 PM
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